Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Make room for bliss

It is interesting that the more we have, the less we feel satisfied. This contradicts our expectation. I used to hope that one day I could be together with my mother, and I told myself that I would give up of everything in exchange for that. I thought I would be satisfied and every day would be happy and joyful. Now I am. I spend every day with my mother; however, I am not satisfied. I have other pursuits. I want to achieve academic success, and I want to be well around among my coworkers. I always want to be recognized and I want to speak more languages. I am not happy, not always. My head is filled with too many things that I hardly have time to enjoy what I have. Sometimes I wonder how many things I need to make myself satisfied. I know I am greedy and I get to change it.

Yesterday, I happened to catch a part of the cassettes, which talked about how to be blissful. They cited an example of an expert of Buddhism. He knew everything about Buddhism; however, he really wants to meet a guru in India. One time he had the chance. He had so many questions, and he could not allow himself to miss a single chance to learn more from the guru. To his great surprise, the guru would not answer any of his questions, but filled his cup with water. The water became full in the cup, and swelled out until it wet the pants of the expert. When the expert realized what the guru had done and reasoned astonishedly, the guru said slowly that the expert was just like the cup. Because he had been filled up with too many things, he did not have room for other things.

Maybe we all like the cup. When we have time, we try to pursue what we don’t have earnestly and endlessly. However, once our minds have been occupied with too many things, we lose the pleasure to enjoy and triumph over what we have!! Be blissful!!!