Friday, July 25, 2008

Top six reasons that you should be happy:

1. You are still alive right now. You can enjoy the sunshine, the air and the food in this world. On the contrary, someone has been passed away. So you are a lucky one!
2. You have food, shelter, and what you need. If you understand there are a lot of people who are going through wars, and have no food, or shelter. Someone who are at the same age as you may sleep on the street, and remember they deserve the exactly same happiness as you. You have no reason to complain what you don’t have.
3. You are yourself. Don’t dwell on the facts that you are not somebody else. You are yourself and you are special and unique because of that. Don’t try to change yourself because you are not appealing or approved in some ways.
4. You have what others don’t have. Guess what, you have a lot of talents that others don’t have. Your most important job is not to create some talents, but to explore yourself. You have much more potential than you have imagined.
5. You are healthy. If you are healthy. You have been a millionaire. I bet you won’t exchange your ears with a million dollars. So you are rich!
6. You are needed. You play a role in the society. Maybe you don’t know it. However, you are so precious to your parents; your employer needs you to bring in some benefits; you are needed in a team, although it might be a minor role, you may determine the victory and failure!!